Why is it recommended to have a quality management manual?   

The use of quality management systems provides direct and indirect competitive advantage and represents market value for any activity (production, distribution, service). These systems are implemented in a "Quality Handbook" form. We can help our clients to build / improve / expand this.  The user of the handbook describes for himself / herself its own operational / manufacturing protocol.

It has to be included as much as the achievement of the good performance that is currently required, determined by the market or our own needs, no more. The quality and security of its products and services can be verified by the existence of a regulated and documented system of operation for its prospective and current business partners. Using a well-formulated, reasonable service documentation, you can reduce your costs by producing a quality product / service. An enterprise can be successful if it offers a product or service that meets the customer's expectations, complies with the relevant standard and social requirements (eg environmental protection), is sold at a competitive price while performing / manufacturing is economical.

Main reasons for introducing quality management systems:

- Regulated 

- Documented 

- Reliable and traceable 

- Traceable product / service production 

- Provides feedback on production processes and the finished product. 

- A well-executed and well-managed quality management system serves the customer's satisfaction while providing the service saver when using it   


* ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management. 

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